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Matt and I dancing to Richard Walters live.

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Anonymous said: What is it that you would say you are looking for the most in those that are auditioning for your company?

Knowledge to bring to the table. We are a company of exchanging and sharing as much as we are of performing and dancing. Other qualities I search for and demand in company members or potential company members: Diverse, trained, grounded, different/unique (they don’t follow trends and they are their own thing - as much as they can also adapt to a group), constantly curious for growth, and genuinely … I want to work with people who are present and take care of choreographic work. People who want to be there just as much as I do.

I love a foot work
I love floor work
I love to be fast

Aug 26, 2014

Anonymous said: Is the audition open to males also? :)


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Anonymous said: are there people you miss, right now?

I miss people all of the time. I oppress myself everyday for cutting so many people out (while i’ve been too busy trying to make something out of myself, or something) But ultimately … I love to be alone. I love to create alone. I love to think alone. I love to walk alone. I love to cook alone. I love to spend weeks alone. Solitude is where I strive.

I miss so many people.

I don’t know.

Hopefully this answers everyone’s questions :)
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Hopefully this answers everyone’s questions :)

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do you ever crave unfamiliar human contact?

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drinking at 7 am because i can …

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wow today’s dancing wow!

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My dyslexic tendencies are acting WAY upppppp … just thought to myself “in the flock with London!”

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New combo song options? Like, would anyone be mad if I did Michael Jackson?