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Anonymous said: Anymore info on the company audition? :)))

I will be doing a big company re-organization come september. New contracts, new pay rates, new show, new ideas, new company member requirements, new dancer (s), etc. Aiming for the audition to be at the end of September. I am in the middle of some sponsorship deals, planning for the Capezio Ace Awards, the Europe tour, and first phases of the new Flock’d workshop. I will be putting out more information once I finalize these things. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Anonymous said: Do you have a diet secret or plan? You look incredible, and I'm trying to work on my body?

Well, honestly my secret is stress. I say, fill the plate of your life and you’ll be skinny! But that aside, I have lost like 30 some pounds this year and what I did was: 1) Not drink ANY calories, ever. Drink water, selzter, sparkling diet drinks, tea’s, unsweetened iced tea’s, you know. 2) Take up yoga and really commit to it. Doesn’t have to be yoga but I believe yoga offers so much good to the body (mentally and physically). Honestly just take up any form of physical activity and commit to it like you’ve never commit to something before. I realize now that weight loss is nothing more than a commitment. 3) Portion control. 4) Live in Harlem, New York where you are too scared to walk to the grocery store 4) Don’t take laxatives. 5) Don’t take that green coffee bean pill. 5) Don’t use hydroxycut or those gross breakfast shakes in juice box boxes! 

This made my day! Thank you! Goodluck :) 

idno #preview?
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idno #preview?

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It’s so hard to find music that is angry but soft. You know the kind.

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violentmoonlight said: ever since you posted poison oak, i've been watching it and listening to the song lots. the song seemed to understand me when i didn't understand myself and i learned what feelings and dynamics each sound created. tonight, i watched poison oak again, and you couldn't have captured the feeling of each sound any better. thank you, emma and savannah.


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Anonymous said: how old will the new flock'd members need to be?

17 and up. Audition will be in September.

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Anonymous said: hi! so i saw the solo you choreographed for nicole hennington and it was so beautiful that it moved me to tears and i just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with the world

thank you. She is something else. 

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Chris today. Happy about these pictures. My first real shoot in so long and I fucking missed it. 
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Chris today. Happy about these pictures. My first real shoot in so long and I fucking missed it. 

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lesbian relationships









This is so accurate it’s unreal

So true omg hahahahaha

(via st-south)

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leaving the city already. going to jersey to shoot and create new phrases. hopefully a nice distraction and I can’t wait for the spacccccceeeeeeee

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I can’t take on New York again without you